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Just doing some wondering…. March 14, 2010

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Hi Guys,
I know its been awhile I am super bust with my senior year!! I have not lost intrest with the road I never will.  I started to think what can I do more for the road. How can I make it better, this is mine and everybody around me future. As long as I live it will go no where. I want to make the happen I want my kids and grandchildren seee this. It’s something I feel stong about and enjoy. Guys please slow down and look around you, I want for you my friends to take the road in as much as you can! In one of my classes I had to make a Magazine cover for a project. My headline story was “Young teen wnats to save the road” I was thinking yes that’s true, but what can I do to make it better? I want to start a thing where we pick up trash on route 66? Where does it need the most help. I know I can start in my own little town of Galena KS. I have something up my sleeve….. Do you if there is anybody I get ahold for that? I think that would be good for the commituty and the route. And our family “the road”
The girl with a dream….

Summer June 14, 2009

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It’s Shelby,

I know it been long, summer has been pretty busy. But, I thought it was time to write again I have had alot of stuff going on!

Am going to knock this out first. I know am not the best writer out there but I hope to get better! I love the fact people Tell me what I do wrong. But I love it even more in a nice way, please do it to a email just for me. I like to know my flaws I just don’t like everybody knowing my flaws! I want to be so good at it I want people to stop and say Shelby, that was perfect! But, I know it will take alot of practice and time! which I am willing to do in time it will come.

Now Galena Days which was last weekend! It was a blast on Saturday we had a car show from 9-3 then parade at four then 4 women on the Route car show from 5-8 not the biggest turn out. But, hey like my mom says you can never out guessthe public! A little business is better than none!

The Shop has been kinda crazy. business is starting to pick up! We have a new sandwich called a Chicken Philly! If you ever come by you should try it! And the farmer market is doing great! Also we just got in Route 66 RT beer! We are getting new shirts in too they are really cute!

TODAY! Well from the moment I got in the door we were busy busy! Then Lulu and Rick came by that was really nice to see her and met him! Rick is a very sweet guy! I am saving for a laptop and he just gave me 20 I was shock I just met the guy TODAY! So nice thanks again Rick! He said he a secret fan… silly guy! The shock on the trailer to the bike broke. Dean and him were just going to try to fax it but endedup just buying a whole new trailer! Then around 4;30 trouble showed up! Jim and Croc were at the shop bringing the PULSE! And if you haven’t got it you need to get it and if you haven’t got to read it you need to read it ASAP! They did such a good job! OH! VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVEN’T FILLED OUT THE SURVEY DO THAT VERY VERY IMPORTANT! That’s for yo Jim =D Also just so everybody knows the dinner is not 124 its 33 just so we stop those rumors! Had a great day! The summer is going to be crazy!

And thanks to Rick I have 70 for my laptop! Hey its a start!


Shelby—Dream BIG!!


1st day for the new season. March 16, 2009

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Hi guys Shelby here sorry it’s been so long just really have not had anything to talk about. On Saturday I was out at the shop first time for the season this year! I was kinda there are accident I was going to go shop with my cousin but she has young kids so for you who have kids you know how that is and on top of two kids she also has one on the way!

But while at the shop I was trying to type my blog but my mom kept losing signal on her lap top and it’s kinda hard to type on it I am trying to save for one myself but with prom and everything it’s not working to good! But hopefully i’ll get there soon!

Anyways when at the shop we had a huge family from Texas come by and there kids we amazed with the fact that they could sit in the truck that was the inspiration for “tow Mater” The adult were amazing at how much work we had done! It really does mean a lot when someone say wow you guys have really done alot and it looks great! We also have a girl scout troop from my school they were seniors three girls and they had so much fun with Route 66 and all the history! One girl didn’t think I  was telling the truth about it going though eight states so I had to get a book out and show them. It was kinda nice having your school mates listen to you talk about something you love so much! considering I talk about it non stop at school, because I really think it needs to be shared with a younger crowd too!

Also on Saturday people from bounce radio came by. I feel kinda stupid for not remembering them but I met alot of people at the convention last year. They came in and sat down in the dinner and I told her I like her sweater because it was a bright blue with 66 on it so pretty! But any whoI was ordered to take there order so I did! They said you don’t remember us do you and at this point I feel really stupid but after she said they I am like okay faces do names don’t click. They told me they were at the convention! They were form Bounce radio, okay dumb is how i felt. Because I was sitting right across from there when I was sitting with Michael Wallis! But it was very nice to see them!

Right as we are about to close this couple come walking across the street and I met them outside! They were from Illinois and in there community they are fixing up an area of Route 66 for biking and walking trails. They were very nice people a great way to end the first day that i was accidentally there for!

Thank you!

keep on reading

love always Shelby!


*CUBA* November 28, 2008

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It’s Shelby-

   Hi Guys, sorry it’s been so long. Am sure some are wondering what happened to me I’m alive I promise. Just been busy with school. I also got a job!
  But anywho the reason for this blog is that I when to CUBA! In Oct, my Aunt Renee and Uncle Joe took me up to cuba for the flesival there. We also took John Simion our driver of ‘Tow Tater” But, this time we came back with out any car trouble, wrecks, and big stories. This time we came back with knowlege of the road, history and lots and lots fun! I am so bless I got to see Cuba Mo. If you havent been there you should really think about a trip up there.
  When we got up there we went to the fudge shop booth, that everybody thats so great about! Oh my it was good, what everybody says it true. I got to see a couple of old friends but, this trip wasnt a bussiness trip it was for fun! My Aunt, John and I when and tour the murals. I am blessed that when down there I got to see an artist paint or start on a mural when we were down there.  To me not me maybe not to others that look alive to me. You can get lost  in them, the stories behind them also are great!
  We also were going to go to BOB’S GASLINE ALLEY but, he wasn’t there. We did go to the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Believe me it’s HUGE! I wanted to clime it but you cant! =[ The store there is a little country store, very cute. My aunt and uncle tested some wine! I am only 17 so I cant. But all in all the trip was pretty good. I got to learned new things I never knew before and see new things. I love learning about Route 66.
From a mind of a 17 year old!
Shelby Rigg

Car show! October 25, 2008

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Its Shelby,
So, about a week ago, we had our last car show. WOW! It was so crazy! Our live band was amazing!The “loose change” who my uncle is a member of! We had triple the amount of cars we usually have!
Old friends and new friends were made. It was pretty cool when Ron Jones showed. Thanks for showing up, Ron, and my bracelet says Route 66 on it!
I was amazed at how many people showed up. I think we had almost 80 cars and like 5 vendors. My mom Melba wore a poodle skirt. Ha, how funny! But she knows I love her. My aunt and my uncle Joe were running the restaurant, as normal. My brother and I were outside on the grill. I ran the cash register and he cooked. Amber was inside with funnel cakes, and she had rubens for our last show. They were a hit! Ambers mother made to cakes for the show and were handed out, and yum, yum is all I have to say! They were amazing!
The car show, the band, the people! WOW! It was so much fun. We ran out of food twice! Travis and I were going nuts!
So, in the end, the car show was amazing and a big hit.
Thanks for reading,
[ :
future writer
Kenny his truck is my fav if I had the last say he would win everytime!

Kenny his truck is my fav if I had the last say he would win everytime!some CarsCarssShayla and I Ron Jones

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Writting out of HURT! October 3, 2008

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Shelby here.
This is my first little comment i have to the world of route 66. Why is it so important for your age on route 66 I dont get it. It not just about me its about tons of kids my age, get kicked down when there up! Not just on route 66 but in the world so what a kid did something good. praise them dont say well i could of done it better and dont try to find something wrong until it hurts!
My world was fliped upside down this pass summer when i met all those great people at the convention! And I am counting the days until the next. It was there I knew I wanted to be a writter. Meeting Michael Wallis my hero the person I look up to. I know I dont have the best spelling in the world and the arrageing words but it’s something that comes with time. As many of my E-groupers told me write until your figures are blue and thats what I am doing! I will do I will be a Writter and I will prove everyone that said I wouldnt make it I will make it!
So If there is someone out there making this world a better place for route 66 then why dont you let them do it. So next time you going to make a comment make sure it postive not negitve! Make the world a better place! And I dont mean just on Route 66, in the world so lets make the world a better place!
And Thats my story!
4 Women on the Route
future Writter
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Shelby- September 25, 2008

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Hi everybody I just want to say thank you for everyone getting me into bloging!

i am not promising that i am goibg to be one everyday but when soemthing 66 is up i will do it!

i know this will help my writting skills!




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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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