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Shelby- September 25, 2008

Filed under: route 66 — shelbyroute66 @ 11:28 pm

Hi everybody I just want to say thank you for everyone getting me into bloging!

i am not promising that i am goibg to be one everyday but when soemthing 66 is up i will do it!

i know this will help my writting skills!





6 Responses to “Shelby-”

  1. Mike Ward Says:


    Congratulations on starting your blog. I will be looking forward to reading what you have to say and seeing you again on Route 66.


  2. Denny Gibson Says:

    Hurrah! You’ve made that first step and I bet the second entry comes easier and the third one even more so. And, you’re right that your skills will improve with practice. Good luck.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hi, Shelby –

    My wife and I met you and the other WOTR at Litchfield. Congratulations on beginning your blog; we’ll keep and eye on it to read of all the people Route 66 brings your way.

  4. Kip Welborn Says:

    Good luck…looking forward to your bloggings…slan go foill, Kip

  5. Josh Friedrich Says:

    Congrats on starting your blog! Keep it up and keep us posted to route 66 happenings in your world.

  6. Trevor Hilton Says:

    I had a cousin who ran an antique store in Grove, OK. It was called “Don’s Swap Shop”. Maybe you’ve seen it. It had a giant cowboy and an old steam tractor in front of it. He wrote two books called “Mulligan Stew” and “Trace Chains”. They were just stories about the different people who came into his store.

    I’m sure you’ve seen many different people in your place. Earlier this year I was there. I rode a maroon Harley-Davidson Sportster. I took some pictures of it in front of Tow Mater. Had a hamburger basket. Then rode back to OKC in the rain.

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