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Car show! October 25, 2008

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Its Shelby,
So, about a week ago, we had our last car show. WOW! It was so crazy! Our live band was amazing!The “loose change” who my uncle is a member of! We had triple the amount of cars we usually have!
Old friends and new friends were made. It was pretty cool when Ron Jones showed. Thanks for showing up, Ron, and my bracelet says Route 66 on it!
I was amazed at how many people showed up. I think we had almost 80 cars and like 5 vendors. My mom Melba wore a poodle skirt. Ha, how funny! But she knows I love her. My aunt and my uncle Joe were running the restaurant, as normal. My brother and I were outside on the grill. I ran the cash register and he cooked. Amber was inside with funnel cakes, and she had rubens for our last show. They were a hit! Ambers mother made to cakes for the show and were handed out, and yum, yum is all I have to say! They were amazing!
The car show, the band, the people! WOW! It was so much fun. We ran out of food twice! Travis and I were going nuts!
So, in the end, the car show was amazing and a big hit.
Thanks for reading,
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future writer
Kenny his truck is my fav if I had the last say he would win everytime!

Kenny his truck is my fav if I had the last say he would win everytime!some CarsCarssShayla and I Ron Jones

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Writting out of HURT! October 3, 2008

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Shelby here.
This is my first little comment i have to the world of route 66. Why is it so important for your age on route 66 I dont get it. It not just about me its about tons of kids my age, get kicked down when there up! Not just on route 66 but in the world so what a kid did something good. praise them dont say well i could of done it better and dont try to find something wrong until it hurts!
My world was fliped upside down this pass summer when i met all those great people at the convention! And I am counting the days until the next. It was there I knew I wanted to be a writter. Meeting Michael Wallis my hero the person I look up to. I know I dont have the best spelling in the world and the arrageing words but it’s something that comes with time. As many of my E-groupers told me write until your figures are blue and thats what I am doing! I will do I will be a Writter and I will prove everyone that said I wouldnt make it I will make it!
So If there is someone out there making this world a better place for route 66 then why dont you let them do it. So next time you going to make a comment make sure it postive not negitve! Make the world a better place! And I dont mean just on Route 66, in the world so lets make the world a better place!
And Thats my story!
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