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Writting out of HURT! October 3, 2008

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Shelby here.
This is my first little comment i have to the world of route 66. Why is it so important for your age on route 66 I dont get it. It not just about me its about tons of kids my age, get kicked down when there up! Not just on route 66 but in the world so what a kid did something good. praise them dont say well i could of done it better and dont try to find something wrong until it hurts!
My world was fliped upside down this pass summer when i met all those great people at the convention! And I am counting the days until the next. It was there I knew I wanted to be a writter. Meeting Michael Wallis my hero the person I look up to. I know I dont have the best spelling in the world and the arrageing words but it’s something that comes with time. As many of my E-groupers told me write until your figures are blue and thats what I am doing! I will do I will be a Writter and I will prove everyone that said I wouldnt make it I will make it!
So If there is someone out there making this world a better place for route 66 then why dont you let them do it. So next time you going to make a comment make sure it postive not negitve! Make the world a better place! And I dont mean just on Route 66, in the world so lets make the world a better place!
And Thats my story!
4 Women on the Route
future Writter

4 Responses to “Writting out of HURT!”

  1. Peter Woodman and Ron Miles Says:

    Hello Shelby.
    You will not know me but I have been following your musings on the Route 66 e-group for some time and appreciate your great interest in The Mother Road. I first travelled the Road with my friend Ron Miles in August, 2001 and repeated the journey 2 years ago. We did the first trip in a Fiat Panda 1000cc car brought over from England, returning the car to England later that year. During the journey we raised money for the charity Diabetes UK. It was amazing how many Americans we met that were suffering from diabetes. The
    second trip was in the same car and after we completed the journey we drove back to Barstow and gave the Panda to the owners of the Route 66 Motel. It now sits out its retirement there in the Californian sun.
    I notice that you would like to become an author and your friends on Route 66 have advised you to write something every day. That’s a good way to getting into regular writing.
    You have mentioned that you sometimes have spelling difficulties and I’d like to suggest that you keep a dictionary close by, while writing, to check. If you want any help I can advise you where you sometimes spell incorrectly (for example the word is “writing”, not “writting”.
    Some of the correspondents on the e-group write very well. If you look at Laurel Kane and Emily Priddy’s regular messages you will notice how well they construct their sentences, their correct use of grammar and impeccable spelling.
    I look forward to being of help to you, should you so wish. And by the way, I liked the 13.2 miles of Route 66 that passes through the south-eastern portion of Kansas, particularly the Rainbow Arch bridge.
    All the best,

  2. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Good luck Shelby. I’ll say a prayer for you. I used to like to write short stories in college, and have often wished I had continued.
    Maybe someday, people will say, “Michael Wallis, and Angel Degadillo, and Shelby Rigg.”

  3. Peter Woodman and Ron Miles Says:

    Hello Shelby.
    I haven’t seen any postings from you on the e-Group for some time and you do not appear to have read my previous comment regarding writing. I do hope everything is O.K. with you and the 4WOTR project.
    All the best,
    Peter, England.

  4. Doug Babin Says:

    Hey Shelby,
    Glad to see your blog started. Keep at it, when you can with school and all. You’ll only get better at it over time. Most everyone on the E-group will always be there in support of your efforts.

    You made a fantastic impression at the event in Litchfield and I believe there are plenty of folks who “have you under their wing”.

    Just remember to keep at. Don’t let the nay-sayers get you down. Just keep plugging away, the world has more than enough dreams deferred.

    Oh, hey, I’d still love to see a shot of the FWOTR standing in front of a lit up Tow Tater sign.

    Best wishes,
    Doug, Jenn, & Kells Babin

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