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*CUBA* November 28, 2008

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It’s Shelby-

   Hi Guys, sorry it’s been so long. Am sure some are wondering what happened to me I’m alive I promise. Just been busy with school. I also got a job!
  But anywho the reason for this blog is that I when to CUBA! In Oct, my Aunt Renee and Uncle Joe took me up to cuba for the flesival there. We also took John Simion our driver of ‘Tow Tater” But, this time we came back with out any car trouble, wrecks, and big stories. This time we came back with knowlege of the road, history and lots and lots fun! I am so bless I got to see Cuba Mo. If you havent been there you should really think about a trip up there.
  When we got up there we went to the fudge shop booth, that everybody thats so great about! Oh my it was good, what everybody says it true. I got to see a couple of old friends but, this trip wasnt a bussiness trip it was for fun! My Aunt, John and I when and tour the murals. I am blessed that when down there I got to see an artist paint or start on a mural when we were down there.  To me not me maybe not to others that look alive to me. You can get lost  in them, the stories behind them also are great!
  We also were going to go to BOB’S GASLINE ALLEY but, he wasn’t there. We did go to the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Believe me it’s HUGE! I wanted to clime it but you cant! =[ The store there is a little country store, very cute. My aunt and uncle tested some wine! I am only 17 so I cant. But all in all the trip was pretty good. I got to learned new things I never knew before and see new things. I love learning about Route 66.
From a mind of a 17 year old!
Shelby Rigg