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1st day for the new season. March 16, 2009

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Hi guys Shelby here sorry it’s been so long just really have not had anything to talk about. On Saturday I was out at the shop first time for the season this year! I was kinda there are accident I was going to go shop with my cousin but she has young kids so for you who have kids you know how that is and on top of two kids she also has one on the way!

But while at the shop I was trying to type my blog but my mom kept losing signal on her lap top and it’s kinda hard to type on it I am trying to save for one myself but with prom and everything it’s not working to good! But hopefully i’ll get there soon!

Anyways when at the shop we had a huge family from Texas come by and there kids we amazed with the fact that they could sit in the truck that was the inspiration for “tow Mater” The adult were amazing at how much work we had done! It really does mean a lot when someone say wow you guys have really done alot and it looks great! We also have a girl scout troop from my school they were seniors three girls and they had so much fun with Route 66 and all the history! One girl didn’t think I  was telling the truth about it going though eight states so I had to get a book out and show them. It was kinda nice having your school mates listen to you talk about something you love so much! considering I talk about it non stop at school, because I really think it needs to be shared with a younger crowd too!

Also on Saturday people from bounce radio came by. I feel kinda stupid for not remembering them but I met alot of people at the convention last year. They came in and sat down in the dinner and I told her I like her sweater because it was a bright blue with 66 on it so pretty! But any whoI was ordered to take there order so I did! They said you don’t remember us do you and at this point I feel really stupid but after she said they I am like okay faces do names don’t click. They told me they were at the convention! They were form Bounce radio, okay dumb is how i felt. Because I was sitting right across from there when I was sitting with Michael Wallis! But it was very nice to see them!

Right as we are about to close this couple come walking across the street and I met them outside! They were from Illinois and in there community they are fixing up an area of Route 66 for biking and walking trails. They were very nice people a great way to end the first day that i was accidentally there for!

Thank you!

keep on reading

love always Shelby!


2 Responses to “1st day for the new season.”

  1. Jammin John Says:


    Nice post. Don’t feel bad abut not remembering. It happens to me all the time…LOL….I’m lucky I remember my own name.

    With all the people that come through the shop, there is no way to remember everybody and everything.

    Your doing great and keep up the good work.


  2. Peter Woodman Says:

    Hello Shelby.
    I always read your postings with interest. You have a lot of enthusiasm for all things “Route 66” and that’s nice. But, I do wish you would try to improve your grammar and spelling….after all, you do aspire to be a writer (and not a “writter” as you usually write!). Keep up the good work and regards to your Mum and the other 4WOTR members. I travelled the Road in 2001 and 2006, but of course in those days Galena was a little tired looking with few things to attract travellers passing through. Your efforts have put Galena, Kansas back on the map!
    Peter, East Sussex, England.

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