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Summer June 14, 2009

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It’s Shelby,

I know it been long, summer has been pretty busy. But, I thought it was time to write again I have had alot of stuff going on!

Am going to knock this out first. I know am not the best writer out there but I hope to get better! I love the fact people Tell me what I do wrong. But I love it even more in a nice way, please do it to a email just for me. I like to know my flaws I just don’t like everybody knowing my flaws! I want to be so good at it I want people to stop and say Shelby, that was perfect! But, I know it will take alot of practice and time! which I am willing to do in time it will come.

Now Galena Days which was last weekend! It was a blast on Saturday we had a car show from 9-3 then parade at four then 4 women on the Route car show from 5-8 not the biggest turn out. But, hey like my mom says you can never out guessthe public! A little business is better than none!

The Shop has been kinda crazy. business is starting to pick up! We have a new sandwich called a Chicken Philly! If you ever come by you should try it! And the farmer market is doing great! Also we just got in Route 66 RT beer! We are getting new shirts in too they are really cute!

TODAY! Well from the moment I got in the door we were busy busy! Then Lulu and Rick came by that was really nice to see her and met him! Rick is a very sweet guy! I am saving for a laptop and he just gave me 20 I was shock I just met the guy TODAY! So nice thanks again Rick! He said he a secret fan… silly guy! The shock on the trailer to the bike broke. Dean and him were just going to try to fax it but endedup just buying a whole new trailer! Then around 4;30 trouble showed up! Jim and Croc were at the shop bringing the PULSE! And if you haven’t got it you need to get it and if you haven’t got to read it you need to read it ASAP! They did such a good job! OH! VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVEN’T FILLED OUT THE SURVEY DO THAT VERY VERY IMPORTANT! That’s for yo Jim =D Also just so everybody knows the dinner is not 124 its 33 just so we stop those rumors! Had a great day! The summer is going to be crazy!

And thanks to Rick I have 70 for my laptop! Hey its a start!


Shelby—Dream BIG!!


One Response to “Summer”

  1. Bill Says:

    Thank you Shelby for sharing your Route 66 experiences with us.


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