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Just doing some wondering…. March 14, 2010

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Hi Guys,
I know its been awhile I am super bust with my senior year!! I have not lost intrest with the road I never will.  I started to think what can I do more for the road. How can I make it better, this is mine and everybody around me future. As long as I live it will go no where. I want to make the happen I want my kids and grandchildren seee this. It’s something I feel stong about and enjoy. Guys please slow down and look around you, I want for you my friends to take the road in as much as you can! In one of my classes I had to make a Magazine cover for a project. My headline story was “Young teen wnats to save the road” I was thinking yes that’s true, but what can I do to make it better? I want to start a thing where we pick up trash on route 66? Where does it need the most help. I know I can start in my own little town of Galena KS. I have something up my sleeve….. Do you if there is anybody I get ahold for that? I think that would be good for the commituty and the route. And our family “the road”
The girl with a dream….