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This is my story… September 25, 2008

Hi my name is Shelby Rigg. I work at 4 women on the route, in Galena Kansas. On historal Route 66!I am a young route 66er.I am 17 years old. I love everything about the road and how neat it is! People who come from different countries just to see the road! How cool! I have seen and been though a lot in my life I would love to be a speecher to motive people! I wouldn’t been any where if it wasn’t for my friend Brooke Hough she gave me so much courage in myself and didn’t realize until she was gone. my mom and aunt helped a lot because if it wasn’t from them I wouldn’t know what route 66 is!My Boyfriend Corey is getting into route 66 and loves it about as much as I do I am starting him on some route 66 books! My best friend Jessica is also always behind me no matter what she came to me when I had just lost Brooke so she been there when it was really hard for me. My dream is to be a writer so my e-group and Emily said i need to do a blog so here i am! Thanks also to David W. Michale Wallis the game and everyone who helped me along the way Thats my story!

Michale Wallis

Michale Wallis and I

David and I

David and I


One Response to “This is my story…”

  1. John Bradley Says:

    Hey Shelby,
    Your enthusiasm for the Mother Road is heartening! Stay involved and keep enthused! The legacy of ROUTE 66 is in your capable hands.;) Take care!

    John Bradley
    Spr. MO
    Home of Route 66

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